Friday, September 23, 2011

Long time no post

This is actually Justin's first attempt at writing a blog post that other people are going to read. I keep a private blog where I go to write about things I want to remember and to complain about things that no one would ever understand, except my Savior Jesus Christ. I rely on Him very much as Bekah and I try to run our lives and keep it running quasi-smoothly. We have a lot going on in our young little lives. We have started a new venture at www.hotnailwraps.com, Bekah works a great full time job on top of taking care of me everyday, I have finally figured out how to go to school full time and I spend about two or three days a week visiting various doctor offices trying to discover the sources of all my health problems. I don't really let anyone know all that is going on in my life healthwise. My wife is about the only person that knows everything that I have to deal with as well as my endocrinologist. 
Living in California is great though, especially on the days where I don't do too well, it is much better to be in the warmth then then frozen tundra that is Utah. 
Our home is always open to friends or family that wish to come and visit us, just let us know a few weeks in advance and we can figure out how to make it work. We just got a comfy big air mattress and a steal of a deal on a decent television, so when you realize that we are an "old boring married couple," at least you will have some cable to watch. 
We miss all our friends from home and wish we could see you all more often. 

On a different note, my wife is the best wife in the whole world. She found out about a Weezer cruise that leaves from Miami the day after my birthday and she insisted that I go on it with 3 of my best friends in the world. My Dad, Scott and Cuyler. So we will be enjoying two weezer concerts on a cruise boat as well as meeting the band and spending some time in the sun of Cozumel, Mexico. If you don't know me that well, but you know Bekah, let me describe what this means to you. I love weezer as much as Bekah loves John Mayer. I think that should describe it. I have enough weezer t-shirts that I could wear them for more than a week and not wear the same one twice. I even coerced the guy at Hot Topic to give me the big weezer sign that they had when they were promoting their album Raditude. I have only been lucky enough to see them live twice, once in San Diego with my other best friend Steve, and once in Vegas with a whole heap of friends and family. What a cool wife huh? Insisting that I go on this trip for my birthday even though she knew that she could not come along because of her work schedule. Not only that, but she talked to my dad and got him in on it as well as two of my friends. I don't deserve any of it and I can barely believe it is real. 

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone who is really worrying about their finances it would be to pay your tithing as often as possible. Bekah and I made a goal to pay our tithing the Sunday following receiving any income and it has changed our lives so much. We have been blessed in many ways. Bekah's job went from being seasonal to being permanent, our new venture is on track to become worth its' initial investment, and we have been able to find great deals on some big purchases such as a laptop that I needed for school. It has really made my testimony of tithing grow, and I plan on continuing to pay it as soon as I receive any income. I used to worry about paying it once a month or even every 6 months, but I have found that this new plan is working much better for me, and it is easier to keep track of as well. Of course, as long as you pay an honest full tithe you will be rewarded no matter when or how you pay it, but I dare you to try it this way just for awhile and see if you recognize any differences in your life, we sure have. 

Hope that my first post to the public did not bore you to death, and I would love to hear some feedback. So comment or do whatever blog readers do to let me know how I did. 


Justin Lindorf


  1. Hey there cousin, nice post. I have a blog too, but I'm not very consistent with that either. Sometimes I just don't want anyone else reading about my life...I get you there!

    I agree with you about tithing. I've done that all my life (pay it right after I get a paycheck) and that's always seemed to work for me. I just put it in as the number 1 spot on my budget. I also know the Lord has blessed me for keeping that commandment consistently. Things just always seem to work out. We can't be perfect in all things all at once, but I find that this is one thing I can be perfect at in this lifetime.

    Love ya,

    PS wanna do a puzzle?

  2. Hello Sir :) Great to hear from you, I love that we are blog buddies now! I promise to get some new pictures up soon, I have been a major slacker. We loved seeing you and Bekah last month, hopefully we can find a way to get to San Clemente more often :)